Daikatana Tools

  Note these are very old tools (last updated somewhere around 2002 and may not run on modern windows). Use at your own risk!

Daikatana Model Viewer


  • Loads skyboxes
  • Support for multi skin models
  • Loads .wal textures
  • Automatically loads textures form the pak file
  • DaiWal included so that you can convert .wal files to .bmp

Daikatana Pak editor


  • Support for compressed files
  • Option to extract all the files
  • Start new pak file
  • Add files to the pak
  • Delete files in the pak
  • Rename files in the pak
  • Update files in the pak
  • Play sounds without extracting them
  • View files with the associated program
  • Drop files from windows explorer

Daikatana Wal Converter


  • Batch conversion
  • Convert bmp to wal files!
  • View daikatana wal files (not compatible to quake2)
  • Convert the files to bmp files
  • You can make windows open .wal files automatically if you double click them

Daikatana model converter


  • It converts Daikatana models to Quake2 models
  • Command line tool, check readme for information.
  • Comes with full source code



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